Accepted papers

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution to SERP4IoT! The preprints can be found in the following link

Authors Title
655 Peter Yefi, Ramanunni Menon and Ursula Eicker Building IoT Systems Modeling: A Object-oriented Metamodeling Approach
4443 Paul Boutot and Sadaf Mustafiz ReqMIoT: An Integrated Requirements Modelling Environment for IoT Systems
4809 Breno Alencar Gonçalves, Evisson Lucena and Kiev Gama Open Innovation in Cities with IoT hackathons
5573 Kiev Gama Motivating and Demystifying IoT Learning with Hackathons in a Maker Space, Low-code Development and Rapid Prototyping
6910 Rares Cristea and Ciprian Păduraru An experiment to build an open source application for the Internet of Things as part of a software engineering course.
7621 Dharun Anandayuvaraj, Pujita Thulluri, Justin Figueroa, Harshit Shandilya and James Davis A Controlled Experiment on Incorporating Failure Knowledge into Design Decisions for Internet of Things Systems
8002 Steven Reiss Building an Interface for Controlling IoT Devices
8097 Majid Babaei and Maroua Ben-Attia ra4xstate: An Efficient Quantitative Robustness Analysis Approach for Statecharts
9125 Nader Trabelsi, Cristiano Politowski and Ghizlane Elboussaidi Event Driven Architecture: on the gap between academia and industry