4th International Workshop on
Software Engineering Research & Practices
for the Internet of Things (SERP4IoT 2022)

Colocated with the 44th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE 2022

May 19th 2022


The Organizing committee decided to hold the workshop online

We face a new software crisis. In 1968, computer scientists learned that developing robust software requires skills, methods, and tools. Today, software and hardware engineers realize that developing a robust Internet of Things (IoT) also pushes the states of their art and practice. Recent news illustrate the many problems faced by IoT: from lack of inter-operability to broken updates to massive security attacks. In this context, the International Workshop on Software Engineering Research & Practices for Internet of Things (SERP4IoT) aims to provide a highly interactive forum for researchers and practitioners to address the challenges of, find solutions for, and share experiences with the development, release, and testing of robust software for IoT devices. With the huge success of previous years, and the subsequent success of our special issue on the IEEE IoT Journal, we welcome researchers from all the world to participate in this workshop. We plan a workshop out of the conference format, where rearchers, and practitioners can exchange ideas, participate in group dynamics, and contribute. Do not miss it!